“The greatest advantage of a wood-burning fireplace is the scent and romance it can bring to any living room. Wood is also a renewable resource. If you are thinking green for the long-term, both in terms of nature and money, wood is the long-term way to go”

Tauriko Firewood does it’s very best to give evenly mixed loads, which include a range of sizes mixed throughout. The mix of species and size gives you what is needed to build a good fire. Customers often give positive feedback about the size variations and not needing to split too much with an axe. Some kindling is mixed in or it’s easily split from the smaller pieces.
When it comes to buying firewood, it is important to also have a mix of softwood and hardwood. You need the softwood to get a fire roaring and build a good bed of embers before adding the hardwood which burns hotter and longer but is difficult to ignite without the softwood.

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ABOUT OUR Firewood

Tauriko Firewood uses the biproduct from the Sawmill. Our firewood is of mixed species and made up of mainly milled slab and machined timber offcuts along with some split wood. Both softwood, medium density woods and hardwood are available.

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Firewood Pricing

We sell our firewood by the basket. Basket dimensions are: 1000 l x 1200 w x 1000 h. This equates to 1.2 thrown cube.
Prices (incl. GST) are as follows:

WoodPrice incl. GST
Mixed density woods (not hardwood)$150
Mixed hardwood$170

The Sawmill is open 8am – 4pm Monday to Friday and 8am – 12pm Saturday. Saturday is best for pickups.

Firewood Delivery Charge

Per Km - $1.95 (minimum charge of $40).All delivery charges (Excl GST).

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